Help with website

Hey guys. I have my website up, but I have no idea how to make it look cool.

I don’t have a lot of time to do a deep dive back into HTML/CSS.

Would you guys happen to have any resource to help me get started.

I have done just one site and copied the simple idea from that site, to overlay video loop with vector art
No idea if I have blocked the autoplay, but its now just showing picture with the vectors

What is up with the flagging of this site ?

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A great place to start would be a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Bulma. Bootstrap in particular is fairly ubiquitous and easy to pick up (it also has really good documentation). Note that if you want it to look a little more exciting or custom, you will need to pick up at least a little HTML and CSS.


You could start with any of the many available free templates and modify it to suit your needs.

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There are a good number of tools to spin up sites with minimal effort. I particularly like static site generators since they don’t require any PHP or anything beyond the application to run the web server. Hugo and Jekyll are very popular, and pretty easy to use. Just modify some markdown files, run a build command, and upload the output to your server.

CMS’s are nice too, having an easy way to edit and add content is VERY convenient. Flat-file systems are EXTREMELY convenient for backups. The only one I’ve played around with so far is Grav, which has a very nice selection of plugins and management console.


What do you mean by flagging?

Mozilla flagging it as unsafe. No certs or something ? I did not look that hard.

oh yeah, I need to configure a cert. Thanks for finding that.

You could go to fiverr and farm the work out.

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I’m just going to have to knuckle down and learn a framework. It’s gonna be a slow process since I have tons of other stuff to learn.

While my wife was college she used Lynda and Skillshare to supplement her school.

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  1. Wordpress if you want free/cheap and “easy enough”
  2. Squarespace/Wix if you want a bit more ease at a slightly higher cost.

I strongly suggest using existing templates and swapping out a handful of graphics over doing everything yourself.

Crikey! your wife saw learning, so added learning onto learning on her learning.

If only there was a meme for that…

I advise against this if you want to learn something and or have the page lean.

No offense to you @CAMAN. What you suggested is great for someone who wants to have something without doing any work or just pay money for a service.

I was under the impression wanted to learn something.

@corpse_painted w3 schools has some fairly decent content for how to work with css.

That’s fair. You wouldn’t be learning/doing much.

With that said, OP essentially said “no idea how to make it look cool” and “I don’t have a lot of time to do a deep dive”

I’d compare it to using a package/library when coding as opposed to implementing quick sort yourself.

Yeah man, I was just looking for example code I could cookie cutter put in index.html to make it look okay with minimal effort.


I found a bit of a solution using github pages and their markdown. It works pretty well.

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One thing to be aware, if the page is to grow a lot or if you want anything more advanced, then having a proper CMS system helps A LOT. It just scales WAY WAY better and it’ll save you time in the long run.

Word press if you’re cheap and don’t mind some hacking.

Something like Squarespace or Wix otherwise.