Help with VPN in australia


I've messed around with a few VPN services but they all seem way too slow. Does anyone have experience with using a VPN service in Australia? I have ADSL and I can get around 20mbps without a vpn but with one I usually only get around 3 - 4mbps, with frequent crashes. 

It's pretty much unusable as the high latency and drop outs make browsing pretty painful. 

Emailed you.

I don't think there's much we can do here in Australia to improve our speeds using a vpn.  It'd be a different story in the States, but the signal still needs to travel half way across the world to get to us.

If I'm wrong, please let me know because I'm pretty much in the same boat and would love to improve my speeds with a vpn.  I don't know of any service that operate in Australia.  I use CyberGhost which has servers in Singapore which is the closest to us that they have.

Have you tried VPN Area? They offer a 7 day money back if you'd like to try. (it's not an affiliate link or anything)

They have 7 servers in Australia and all seem to be in either Adelaide or Sydney. As for their speeds, I was able to get several to max out my connection, but I only have 6 meg down/768 k up from Windstream here in Kentucky. So I don't know how much faster they're able to go over that 6 megs.

I've been with VPN Area for almost a year. They've been pretty good. There were a few months I almost gave up on them because of connection issues and they kept saying they were going to do things and didn't deliver.  And for some reason they got rid of their proxies. But over the last couple of months things have been better. They've lowered their price (it was $99 a year when I signed up), came out with their own program (optional, if you'd rather not use the OpenVPN gui) and the connection issues have gotten a lot better.

I switched to VPN Area from PrivateInternetAccess last year when my service ran out because I wanted to get away from a US based company (VPN Area is based in Switzerland) and I wanted more servers to choose from (at least 128 servers right now). I'm considering switching back to PIA once my term with VPN Area is up because PIA's service and customer support was great, but I'm finding hard to get over them being based in the US. Although, I did like their article on PRISM...

I think the problem is because the connection uses PPPOE and the MTU for the VPN tunnel doesn't fit inside the PPPOE packets and this is causing fragmentation. I've tried messing around with my MTU settings but nothing seems to have an effect, but this is what I feel the problem is. I'm really no expert on this sort of stuff and I'm probably way off.

If someone knows how to get an openvpn connection to work better over PPPOE or have any ideas on what the problem could be please let me know. I'm thinking I might try using PPTP for the VPN just to see if there's a difference and at least narrow down the problem.

So it does seem to work better over PPTP, I'm going to do some further testing but so far it looks like a problem with openvpn on my connection.