Help with securing Proxmox Server

I had found this webpage with step by step instructions. I have followed them and everything appears to be working with the changed SSH port I opened.

Besides these simple steps does anyone else have experiance with proxmox (or I guess Debian) for basic security?

I am going to try to read up om SSH certificates as I think mine may be way to open at the moment because I was just trying to get everything communicating. I’m still reading and learning but if there are any glaring things I should do to protect my server and the data on it I would appreciate it as I learn to implement more security.

I also hope to maybe set up https in house, I have a Cisco Managed switch I hope to use as well once I learn how to do that as well.

Just want to make sure I’m secure as I need to be to avoid anything stupidly easy to crack.

Thanks for any input, or if you dont want to type…you can shoot me a resource and I’ll be happy to read anything.

I don’t know that I would bother with changing the SSH port. I have seen on my servers that the bots and script kiddies will be fooled for a bit, but eventually a few bots will discover the new SSH port and start knocking there. Overall, no security gained because security through obscurity is no security at all.

Besides, any port above 1024 can be listened on with no root privileges anyways. If you change the port to something too high, you are even less secure.

I would install something like fail2ban, other than that just keep up to date with security patches.


Roger that, I’ll keep that in mind and look into fail2ban.