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Help with reverse searching phone numbers to reveal stalkers

I’ve been getting stalked and harassed and defamed by a local butt hurt computer technician for years, trying to make my life difficult on a personal and professional level, including spying on my phone, getting friends of his to bogus call me and spreading bogus defamatory information, I know for certain he has a friend in the police force that may be helping him. Don’t know who, I did see the email address a long time ago but can’t remember the name. When facebook was able to reverse search people by their phone number, shit that made my life easier, since that’s no longer available to me I’m flying blind, a recent event that has his fingerprints all over it has allowed me to finally have enough to hand this to a solicitor to help me bring an end to the nonsense, the problem is he will never move on with his life and leave me alone to work in peace, any chance of getting some pro help from someone that you guys know with professional experience scraping phone numbers for info etc. I have a long list of phone numbers of creepers that I can’t reverse search. The more information i can supply my solicitor with the better I can nail his arse to the wall.

Great Idea.

So, since this is about a legal case, and jurisdictions vary by country, and i’m no lawyer, it’s a bit tough.
At least here in Germany, you’d have to report the case to the police. In case of an ongoing investigation, the police and by extend your solicitor would be able to get the information on those numbers from the provider.

I’m pretty sure, unless he public has them posted, there isn’t a legal way of obtaining the information you’d want. But again, i’m no legal expert and am not sure how this works out where you live.

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, no matter where you live. If you’ve got evidence for that, you should be able to get him just by that alone.

Also, would getting yourself a new phone number work? Or does he have a way to obtain that?

Already have reported it to the police and the federal police.
With the security flaws in the SS7 protocol, obtaining a new phone number only protects me as long as it takes to obtain my new phone number, it’s a very temporary solution, the permanent solution is to nail the particular creep.
Also see link for why i won’t rely on the police alone.
It’s apparently a systemic problem in the QLD police in particular and they only did something after she basically shamed them into doing something by harassing them and they only gave him a very gentle slap on the wrist

I got in touch with a company that specialises in this kind of stuff and they have such a long list of clients waiting for help they aren’t taking any more at the moment and that’s been the situation with them for most of this year, they also don’t know anyone else to refer me to that specialises in what they do.
So um… pro business tip, people trying to rid themselves of nefarious stalkers is a massive problem with no where near enough businesses in the world that deal with that kind of problem.