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Help with ram choice on AMD B550

I am planning on an AMD 3700(later ugraded to a 5900) davinci resolve/gaming system. What would be the best ram configuration on a MSI b550 tomahawk. 4x16 or 2x32? I’m just confused. Any advice would be much appreciated.

A 2x32 @ 3600 MHz kit would be the sweet spot setup, I would say.

Thanks, I was thinking 3200 MHz. Would 3600 be that much faster?

It’s around 10% faster.

You’ll see less than 10% effective performance.

Also, it’s not just about MHz, but also CL.

Sweet spot is CL16 3600 or CL14 3200.

3600 is what AMD recommends for Ryzen 5x series. Also, yeah, as low latency as you can get, but get a CL16 only if you don’t have to pay big price differences (more than $10 or so).

Recommended brands are Corsair, Kingston and G.Skill, but most sticks should be fine.

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Thanks guys. That clears it up.

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