Help with ram choice on AMD B550

I am planning on an AMD 3700(later ugraded to a 5900) davinci resolve/gaming system. What would be the best ram configuration on a MSI b550 tomahawk. 4x16 or 2x32? I’m just confused. Any advice would be much appreciated.

A 2x32 @ 3600 MHz kit would be the sweet spot setup, I would say.

Thanks, I was thinking 3200 MHz. Would 3600 be that much faster?

It’s around 10% faster.

You’ll see less than 10% effective performance.

Also, it’s not just about MHz, but also CL.

Sweet spot is CL16 3600 or CL14 3200.

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3600 is what AMD recommends for Ryzen 5x series. Also, yeah, as low latency as you can get, but get a CL16 only if you don’t have to pay big price differences (more than $10 or so).

Recommended brands are Corsair, Kingston and G.Skill, but most sticks should be fine.

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Thanks guys. That clears it up.

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