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Help with Pop_OS not able to download or add repo/ppa

Hi all Ive been with Windows for a long time and im try to leave. Ive tried Linux a long time ago and was having fun with it but my games werent supported at the time. Anyways I decided now with Windows 11 I will try to leave and games are more compatible because of Steam and Lutris.

I keep trying to add stuff to Pop_OS via terminal or their Pop Shop but I keep getting error.

E:[ ppa. launchpad. net/system76/pop/ubuntu](ppa. launchpad. net/system76/pop/ubuntu)hirsute InRelease is not (yet) available (Cannot initiate the connection to[ppa.launchpad. net:80](ppa.launchpad. net:80)(2001:67c:1560:8008::19). - connect (101: Network is unreachable) Could not connect to[ppa.launchpad. net:80]([](, connection timed out)`

I didnt have ipv6 setup on my router because Frontier doesnt support it truly, so I decided to click it and see if that would work but did not. I also search for a while and made it do ipv4 only and that still doesnt work either. Im not sure what is going on and when I try to add stuff through terminal instead it also doenst allow me saying it similar things (installing brave, obs, steam, lutris).

Hopefully someone can help me get this figured out im not sure what im doing wrong and I dont want to go back to Windows lol.

Connection timed out hints at a network issue, either on your side or Launchpad’s.
Could have been a temporary outage, is it still happening?
If yes, can you reach the host using ping
And if that works, what does curl return?