Help with overclocking a xeon 1650v2 on a cheap motherboard that won't let you overvolt

Hey guys first post but long time viewer,
I recently bought a Xeon 1650v2 for light gaming and productivity and just general messing around (upgraded from a i5 750). I’ve heard though the grape vine that the 1650v2 is pretty overclockable, I overclocked my I5 750 up to like 3,8 GHz back in the day and was hoping to get this new CPU overclocked as well. The Problem is, my motherboard won’t let me overvolt the CPU, also the baseclock is read out as 133 even though the only guide to doing this i could find specified it as being 100 base (so that’s mildly confusing^^). Anyway was wondering if anyone knows how to mod Bioses and could give me a hand getting the most out of this puppy.

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Have you tried XTU

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not yet but im downloading it RN^^

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Make sure it’s a compatible version, they took out voltage control at some point because it compromised your system

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well thats just sad…
thank you sooo much anyway!

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Any compatible version with x79 should still have the voltage stuff in it though, this wasn’t implemented until Skylake

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I am overclocking my 1660v4 to 4100Mhz all-core for BOINC cpu projects. Using a ASUS X99-E-10G-WS motherboard at 1.26V.
Works great. Just using the stock 100Mhz baseclock with a 41 multiplier and sync all cores.

Only handicap is the locked memory at 2400Mhz. Can’t get around that. I’ve tried.

Hey guys so quick update:
been messing arround with stuffs for about the last day.
sooo i found a bios setting that seems to give me a bit more voltage (60mV max) sooo that got me to 4,2 GHz stable all core @1,18.
and I mean thats fine I guess but I think i can get more out of this baby with more voltage.
i tried 3 different versions of intel XTU, the latest one works fine but as we know doesnt have voltage controll. (thats how ive gotten 4,2 GHz)
I tried one version and well it starts but then imidiately crashes.
then I also tried an even older win 7 version ( but that version doesnt show anything under the advanced settings.
sooo all in all i guess its not terrible but could be better
BTW for anyone interested im using this motherboard:

BINGBIAN LGA 2011 DDR3 Mainboard X79G M.2 Motherboard

i know that doesnt say much but put it into google and you should find the amazon page

Did you also look into Russian unlocked bios

not yet, any tips on where to look?^^

Try phil’s computer lab YouTube channel

kk, ill check it out this weekend :+1:

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