Help with Office routers to Access Points, and speed suggestion

Hello all you Networking Gurus,

I have an issue in a medical clinic where we have set up 4 wireless AC routers (Netgear R6250) in 4 corners of an office and I am trying to find out how to do the following:

1.) Set them all as Access Points
2.) the best way to connect them all to the same SSID
3.) set the channels properly (2.5ghz and 5ghz)
4.) Do I need to set the routers individual IP as Static?
5.) Should I have DHCP on the rest of the devices?
6.) Find out how much bandwidth we need in the office since all information is now going through 16
Ipad airs and 22 pcs (windows 10 pcs)

What I have done so far:
I have connected the 4 routers to the existing network (cable modem and switch in the front of the building) and set all the SSIDs the same, set the 2.5ghz channels as 1, 6, and 11 trying to avoid overlap with existing wireless networks, set the channels on the 5ghz all different from each other. The network works great except that the routers are all DHCP and when I log into the routers and click on the AP mode I lose connection with the internet on the PC that is going through the router and not sure what to set the ip address for on the router, my front network is… so if I am connected through the router I can't see the rest of the network because each router is assigning addresses. We have 16 Ipad air and 22 pcs on the network and want to know also what speed we should have from comcast as right now we are at 75mbs down and 15mbs up. We have a lot of disconnects and drops from the Ipads when connected to the main medical software we use and we are trying to figure out why. Collusion of IP addressing because of DHCP on the routers? Bandwidth? We just ultimately want to be able to walk around the office and let each router hand off the signal seamlessly to another without us even knowing. What is the best set up to do this?

Thank you all for any info you can give,


Really this sounds like a project that would be much better served by a design that follows a controller / client model in which the AP's are not autonomous but rather work together through a central control platform. This would enable hand offs between AP's. A few more important questions would be what is the budget? Can we hire someone to assess our needs and come up with a proper design?

Ideally, you would have all of the AP's running at layer 2, and have another device managing services like DHCP, DNS, etc. With the 4 wireless AC routers you can improve your situation with specific configurations to each router, and coming up with a sensible network architecture but even then it's not really feasible to solve all of the problems you are experiencing.