Help with newbie build

Hey guys,

Im new to the forum came from a long time youtube subscriber. I am looking at bbuilding my first PC i have always owned pre built, and have finally decided to take the plundge and build.

What i am after is some preferences lists, as to what would be a MACHINE gaming pc with a budget of around $2000

A friend spent just under 6k for his build i think he spent too much lol he is running sli 580's 3600k overclocked to 4.2 ghz 16 gb 3 ssd's and thermal take case not sure which one but it had a M3 on the box lol 

would love it to be:


sli or crossfire


aesthetic yet good airflow

thanks in advance


Here's what I came up with, I made this kind of fast, so it may not be at its full potential, I'm insanely tired, so I'll double check it in the morning here it is:

thanks alot steven i thought i would get much more responses on here and opinions, really would appreciate the help.


I'll just tell you a few things right now.

Crossfire and SLI isn't really necessary for most games unless you're gaming across multiple monitors. A 7990, 7970, 690, or 680 will rip apart any games on a single monitor. So get one gpu and spend the money elsewhere to avoid headaches.

Don't attempt overclocking right away. It's a bad idea.

Watercooling is great. I'll include an all in one loop, but if you want to get crazy, dish out the money for a custom loop.

Here's the build I'd recommend.

I'd probably change a thing or two if it was my build, but yeah.

Are you looking for all the peripherals as well? Do you need the monitor, keyboard and mouse? I suspect you will be looking at the operating system as well. Personally I like Windows 7 but more people are getting use to Windows 8 so could you let me know what all together your need? I am also wondering if you have investigated whether you would prefer to go with an AMD or an Intel system. Let us know and I’ll look into a couple of systems you might like to have a look at.   

Thanks for the info Toast it really cleared things up for me!! i mainly play games like GTA, BF3 etc and have been told that nvidia run better on such and such games but i think the 6gb 7990 will do just fine hahaha... In regards to the water cooling system will a push pull loop make much of a diffenece? 

what would you change if it was your build i am open to all opinions.

thanks again


Evo80ci i have all the peripherals needed purchased a rat7 last year and looking at teh g19 keyboard :) for the monitor i was thinking of a 27 or 32 inch monitor as i will watch movies from time to time...

i would go with Win 7 i dont really like the concept of 8 just yet, this is the fact that i question what is the better system for gaming and overclocking i dont mind either im not a fanboy, this is why i am doing all my fishing on this before i invest my time and money. 

My main objestive is for it to bbe a powerhouse and look aesthetic from the inside aswell ;)

thanks for all your help 

Here are the links with all the descriptions of each component for an AMD Build. The case I chose was because of the size, number of large fans that come with the case, the expandability, and the great air flow that Cooler Master offers with their cases.



X (2) Ram:






CPU:     199.99

MOBO: 179.99

Ram:       59.99


PSU:        99.99

Case:      179.99

GPU:      339.99

OS:           99.99

Monitor: 349.99

TOTAL $1569.91 Plus Taxes.

You will also need an HDD generally 1 TB is good and if you want throw in an SSD for your OS for fast boot up speeds. I like Western Digital for my HDD and Kingson Hyper X for my SSD. The SSD is not needed but nice to have.

Were it my build, I would change a lot, actually. I don't like red themed builds to begin with. 

This is what I would go with, personally.

And the remaining money from my budget I would spend on a custom water cooling loop, since I'm fancy like that.

I also edit so I went for a 680 as opposed to a radeon. But in all honesty, I'd pick a radeon for gaming.

Hey Toast, the fan lights in this case are blue. Just pointing it out. I agree for editing the 680 is better but he did say a gaming system hense the Radeon. I really like the motherboard but the colour scheme is a tough one to work with thats why I went with the silver RAM. Besides, it's great RAM.

Here you are sir!

Haha he asked me what I would change if it were my build :P

Thanks a lot foyou'll the ongoing support and direction, I like the sound if the set setup  can I ask a question is it more suited for this kind of build over the inteL ? 


Also can it be overclocked higher ? 

This seems like a strong build aswell I like the case and the idea of a custom water cooled loop sounds promising however since I'm a new comer would it be difficult to build one myself Custom loop that is 

Thanks I see all of you guys are going amd are they really that much better than intel ? 

This current line of AMD processors are proving to be very good. Logan has benchmarks for these AMD CPUs and again they are proving to be as good as Intel with a much lower investment in the CPU cost of your build. This allows for more money to be spent on other goodies you need and want to stuff into your case.  Intel is also going to be discontinuing the 1155 socket very soon and the AM3+ is new to the market. If you decide to change a  motherboard later for whatever reason it will be much easier with an AMD build.