Help with my set up

So I built a new machine. I bought a new monitor because at the time, I needed one for my Plex server, Im not proficient enough in Linux to do things thru SSH. Well I bought a new 21:9 monitor (Best form factor ever) and I found out that LG the smart cookies they are made it easy to switch between the two HDMI inputs. So I was able to connect both my desktop and my Plex Server to the one monitor, great. But now I have this other monitor that Id like to utilize. I just dont know how. It doesnt help that the two acer monitors are not VESA mountable. At least not out of the box, I have seen adapters on Amazon the hook in to the bottom where the stand goes.The issue is the monitor that siting on that top shelf just isnt going to be useful there. As where my dual monitors are at right now, you really cant fit a third.

Let me take you around my setup:


16:9 monitors: 2X

21:9 Monitor:

I also have a Qnap NAS that sits just to the left of the 21:9 LG.

Im just trying to figure out the best way to set this up. I use the LG as my main screen as I really like the aspect ratio. I use the Acer to the right for videos and stuff. Trying to figure out if triple monitors is worth it? Also Im using Linux, I would imagine that does not have any barring on it working or not? Thoughts? The only other thing I could potentially do with it is use it for my Nintendo Switch, so I can connect my PS3 back to my TV and have Blu ray play back. Besides that I dont know what to do with it.

I have a few conditions:

  1. NO I will not replace the desk, the desk is kinda new
  2. No I will not be drilling holes in to the desk or in to the wall.



Any one have ideas? You at least a direction they can point me in?

If you dont have any use for the third monitor, then perhaps selling it might be an option?

Im sure I can find a use. Im just not sure how to integrate it in to my setup. Because siting on that top shelf kinda makes it useless.

An extra table then. You can never get to much real estate.

Thats where the issue is. I have a door to the left that leaves about an inch or so of room when its open. To the right is the outside wall. I live in a 12x8 room.

Also I cant move the desk. The internet coax comes thru only on this wall. The room is on t he second floor so running a new cable is not an option. There is also about 50 foot of coax between the grounding block outside and the modem, I rather not add any more cabling. On top of the modem and router are both connected to my UPS.

It seems that the monitor is already placed in the only avaliavle spot.
If you can’t vesa mount it, add desk space og move the entore setup - then your pretty much out of options.

While the acer panels are not VESA mountable out of the box. There are adapters on Amazon that just hook in to where the stand goes and offer VESA mounting.

However, I think I came up with a crazy idea. I may be able to lower the top shelf. As the 21:9 monitor sits a bit lower than the acer monitor. I can just center the LG and put the acers on the top shelf thats lower. If I dont like that when I just take the top shelf off and go the VESA route, either with the Acer panels or doing a Vesa mount with the LG panel above the two acer panels.