Help With My First Gaming Pc Build

Hi guys its my birthday soon and im aloud to build a decent gaming pc with my cousin who works with them. I put up a list of parts and i think its all compatible but i want you guys to help me and see if im doing everything correctly. Im going to play games and sky-ping friends and browse. I would like to keep the 760 but get a better model (i dont have to though) and perhaps spend less on motherboard. Also i would like to change the case so its a bit more professional looking. but yeah tell me what you guys think like maybe what can i do to improve or even critique on. Also this is my first build and I wanna push myself straight away. 

Heres the link. (By the way i already have 7 hard drives including a ssd plus i also have a disc drive so no worries there)

The Main factor that i really want to know is that if i were to buy it today would it all be compatible and work if it were to be built then and there.

Thanks for reading this and i cant wait to see what you guys have to say. =)

(p.s. sorry if im acting like a bit of a noob)


Looks good if you plan on running 7 hard drives you are going to want a bigger psu. Like 600 watts also if you want to upgrade in the future with another graphics card you would want even more.

No im just saying ive got 7 but yeah as long as it runs im happy