Help with my first gaming build

Hello everyone!

It is my first time building a gaming computer so can someone please help me get a full rig all the parts except monitor,mouse,keyboard. also can it be for at least less than $800 including OS btw im planning to buy it at soon as possible probably tomorrow if i get good choices. thanks 

I've build a rig for someone some weeks ago which was about 600€, might be about $780 I think. Hope the prices didn't change too much.

  • AMD FX Series FX-4100 
  • Asus M5A97 AMD 970 
  • 1024MB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  • 8GB Corsair Vengeance 
  • 1000GB Samsung Spinpoint
  • 600W Sharkoon WPM600
  • random optical drive

think that was about it, check the prices and wait for other suggestions in this thread, just to make sure i didn't make any mistakes.

Personally I would go intel just for more upgradablitiy

 one $800 legally legit rig coming up

do you NEED a dvd drive because in this day and age you really don't?

814.93 this combo comes with free 60GB ssd

This is a good start its $815 - $50 MIR .The first upgrade should be a hard drive.

if you can spare like 10 bucks over budget then you can get this kickass rig








EMCNANF98 -$4.50

EMCNANC35 -$11.00

EMCNANF35 -$20.00

if you are partial to AMD get this GPU instead

I dont know about that PSU,Rosewill isnt really the most trusted brand. When it comes to PSU's you shouldnt really go cheap on one. If it fails its gonna fry your whole system. I would get a Corsair, Cooler Master, OCZ ZT, Seasonic, Enermax, PC power and Cooling. Never want to take a chance of frying your PC just to save a few bucks.

CPU: Intel Core i5 3330 -

MOBO: ASRock Z77 Pro3 -

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB -

GPU: HIS IceQ X Radeon HD 7850 -

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB -

ODD: Samsung DVD Burner -

PSU: Corsair CX500 V2 -

Case: Cooler Master Elite 311 -

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit -

It's about $20 over budget, but you get $30 in mail-in-rebates, and it's a really nice system for the money. If you can cough up about $30 more in the future, I would recommend getting a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ just to cool the CPU a little bit better.

I tell this to everybody, I've bough over 20 of each 430, 530 and 630w PSUs of their green series, I don't really care what people think of the brand but those products themselves not attacted to a brand I trust, they work well, quiet, cool, and can take punishment, I had a 4Ghz 955BE along with 2 HD 5850s at 1Ghz each all at full load 24/7 for the whole 3 months bitcoin was popular on the 530w, of the over 60 PSUs (a LOT of people come to me to build their computer for a reason) NONE of them have failed in the last 2 years

really OCZ, I think someone needs to catch up on "good brands"