Help with KVM


I want to buy this KVM:

And i want to know if it will work for my setup, could you help me with this please?

I have a desktop with a Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming and two monitors:

1 - LG 34GL750 - Ultra wide Full HD monitor 144hz with DisplayPort 1.4
2 - Lenovo ThinkVision T22i-10 - Full HD 60hz with DisplayPort 1.2 (portrait)

And because my work, i’ll have now a notebook Dell Vostro 5400 (link bellow)

My question is, with the KVM that I quoted above, can I be able to use my two monitors with my desktop e the new notebook? I don’t will use the notebook screen, only the two monitors.

My plan is use the HDMI output of notebook with an adapter to DP for one monitor and the “USB Type C™ 3.1 Gen 2 with Power Delivery & DisplayPort” for the second one (the version of my notebook does not have the optional Thunderbolt 3)

Do you thinks that it will work? If Yes i’ll proceed with the purchase!

Thank you!!

Up :smiley:

you need an “active” hdmi to dp adapter (e.g. usb powered) and it should work. You might, maybe, need a l1 repeater for your laptop as some laptops have really low dp output but 85% chance you don’t need the repeater.

Thanks wendell!

You helped me a lot!!

Do you know if cames any cable with the “Level 1 Display Port 1.4 KVM Switch - Dual Monitor”, or i need to buy separately?

up :smile:

No dp cables included; try to get vesa cerified cables

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