***help with front panel audio*** [SOLVED]

basically I have a corsair 300R and one day the the front panel audio stopped working, after fiddling around i fixed it but I dont know how and now it has changed back and i dont know why, also i have my hard drive make this grinding noise from time to time well actually quite frequently and its like the HDD grinding is in sync with the audio interference i get within my headphones and even in the audio port in the back of my case and its driving me nuts, my front panel didn't use to be so bad but now i have to use the rear and its a pain in the backside, please can someone offer me any help here because it would be much appreciated

also to add i cant download the realtek audio driver and when i do and restart my computer its not there.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.

Does it detect that something is plugged in? Does the output show up in the playback devices list?

This is probably due to cheap components on the board/drive. Onboard audio is typically not very good about interference.

You mean after installing the program and rebooting you cannot find the software? The driver is there or you would have no audio. Check your program files folder, I doubt its actually going missing after a reboot.

Please post what troubleshooting you have already done, as well as what hardware you have and which version of windows you are using.

Just unplug the audio from the main board, and then try it in the back.

If you still get interference, the onboard sound is faulty.

Buy an external soundcard like one of these:

This one's quite good I use it.

EDIT: Sorry I read the Back audio is working! The wire to the front panel is probably faulty. Resolder the wire on the audio jack (will probably be the problem) if not, check the wires to MB. If it is damaged, buy a cable off ebay for a couple of quid, cut the wires to the front panel and solder them to the new wire. Problem solved. If it's still gone the audio socket on the MB is gone, and there is little you can do.

Or buy a new motherboard.

I'm presuming the harddrive isn't placed on top of the on board audio. If it is move it further away and check for interference. Also if the harddrive disk is grinding in the enclosure you maybe on borrowed time with the drive. Back it up before it goes.

You would have to be on a very poor quality MB nowadays to get interference on board audio. Can you tell us what board your using? If it's a super cheap one, just swap it for a new one. The same goes with the HHD.

A new MB could be cheaper than resoldering if you don't own a soldering iron and may actually be easy on a super budget board.... I know this sounds crazy....

What's probably happening as well is that you have a ground loop somewhere in your front panel audio connector and PC USB or Sata ports.

So two things I will need to know are
1. How close together are the audio and sata/ide (who knows) connectors on your board?
2. What board do you have?
3. I already know what case you have, so that's one data point.

  1. Looking at the case diagram and where the disk drive is located, it may very well be that the magnetic coil from the disk drive is inducing small currents in your front panel audio cable that contributes to that interference.

thank you for the help it has just fixed itself, ive been out of the country and forgot my forum details

Asus M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard

my HDD is on the top rack on the hdd mount

what can I do to stop this grinding noise then?

Try to buy usb soundcard + mod it so it gets power directly from psu instead from board to reduce noises from board itself put it into faradey's cage and you're good to go :)

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