Help with finding a graphics card below $80?

So my sisters husband has been wanting a graphics card for the longest time..he has just bought a new motherboard..and knows nothing about computers..i figured for fathers day she should just order him an actual graphics card..instead of that integrated shit intel calls gaming graphics.. Â So basically she doesn't want to spend more than $'s okay though, he doesn't care about graphics looking amazing, he has played Warhammer Age of Reckogning with like 15 FPS ..on lowest settings xD.I was just wondering if anyone can help me find a good graphics card for $80 or less that can run Warhammer Online.It doesn't matter if it is ATI or yeah.(I dont' know much about ATI) Â Is the 9600 the way to go..or the 4670... please send links to the cards.

Ebay man, best place to find deals.
Someone was selling a batch of 8800GT's/9800GT's for less than 80 with "Buy now" some had free shipping

Just got a 8800 GTS (g92) for 58 dollars to hold me over til i get a new monitor, then ill grab a gtx 260 or something.

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Oh and man, whats his PSU?

I had a 9600GT, it's equal in performance to the 3870, or in this case the 4670.

I gotta say, the 9600 is a good card, it may not be powerful, but it's single slot, fan at full speed (100%) is silent, and with that I idled at 38C.

My particular 9600GT was similar to this:

Radeon HD4670 and GeForce 9600GT are the best .