Help with Crossfire x

So I recently upgraded my rig to have two r9 270x's. and yes I did all the steps to make it work. the problem is. I don't see much diff from just one card. could my AMD Athlon x4 860K be bottlenecking it?

is your crossfire enabled? + is the game / soft; using 2 GPU's?
(crossfire can be enabled under catalysts, in gaming options and oc options as i recall)

What PCI-E port did you put the 2nd card into? If its something as pci-e 2.0 1x then, well... not much to be gained by that.

its pcie x16
and yes its enabled I triple checked

check load on cards *use gpu-z or any other soft that allows you to view it. Also make sure your'e running that game or whatever in full-screen mode. (also maybe that game is forcing single gpu)

I have the exact same xfire setup as you. I would reseat everything and reconnect the cables. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed and then go into CCC and make sure everything is enabled.

Some games you wont notice a difference and usually games that have been released recently take time to ensure xfire compatibility (Inquisition).

If none of the above works, I would count the culprit as the Athlon.

What games do you play specifically?

BF4 and other graphically demanding games lol

should i sell my board and cpu to get a fx series. and if so. what FX should i get

I would also make sure they are both working, fan being on doesnt mean its working, use them each by themselves, also you can try changing them to each others pci slot. Sounds weird but I had a graphics card that was glitchy in one pci slot an fine in another but when I put in a different card it worked without a problem. Another thing you have to have is the crossfire cable, you did plug that in I assume?

i know i did. and yes and yes. and yes