Help with CPU choice

Going to do my first PC build and I'm a bit stuck on the CPU. Essentially I just want to game but I want the option to do a bit of video and image editing in the future. I don't necessarily have a budget but I want to get best bang for my buck so would anyone be able to help? So I'm trying to decide which CPU is best for me:

  • FX6300
  • FX8320
  • FX8350
  • Intel 3570k
  • Intel 4670k

I'm going to be pairing it with a Asus GTX 760 (though if you can recommend something better in that price range that would be cool).

I know that's quite a range of CPUs to decide from. I'm just trying to figure out what's right for me and there is a lot of fanboy nonsense out there that is really giving me a headache. I just want the right part for job at the best price.

What's your budget for the CPU+mobo?

FX8350 is realy the best bang for buck especialy if you also plan to go  editing, on that the extra cores come handy.  also the FX8320 will not be a bad choice. ☺

With AMD I would pick the 8320, more bang for the buck than the 6300 and 8350 and you can just set it to turbo mode all the time for 8350 performance.

With Intel Its pretty much up to you, both offer not far from same performance. The Haswell chip might do slightly better in gaming however. 


If you render/edit videos or do any kind of those things the AMD chips would be a better pick.

definetly 8320 great price/performance and is a beast for editing. Its basically an underclocked 8350, use the money you saved to buy a cooler. Hope i was of help

FX 8320 is probably the best bang for your buck.

Though from another perspective, the i5 3570K or 4670K (the 4670K is hardly 5% faster) would also be handy since it would probably last you the longest amount of time before you need to upgrade even though it costs a chunk more up front. Power consumption would be a bit lower but we're talking small two figure difference in costs annually at most.