Help with an Emulator


I am trying to use an emulator called Higan on Linux. I OWN all of the carts for my Emulators, so playing the ROMS which I personally ripped to my own machine with my own carts is perfectly legal.

I want to play my roms, but i first have to ''import'' my games to higen's stupid game cart thingy. And it's frustrating because it's only letting me ''import'' one game at a time.

Is there a way to ''import'' more than one game?

Sounds like Higan is just awful, there's surely better emulators I remember running a few GameBoy games years ago and they just worked instantly but I don't remember the name.
And then there's MAME that supports a bunch of retro consoles but haven't used it with handheld roms...

You should try Visual Boy Advance. It runs Gameboy, Gameboy color, and Gameboy Advance

I need something for multiple systems. I'm still fighting with it.

Just run a windows emulator on wine.

No$GBA works great on wine

Supported systems:

You should look into Retroarch. Retroarch is the GUI for libretro, and it can emulate a lot of different consoles and handhelds. Libretro, and Retroarch, is cross-platform, and it does support Linux. Configuration of Retroarch can be a bit weird so be prepared. Here is a handy set-up guide.
I've used RetroArch in the past, and I have no major complaints. The developers are doing some neat stuff with Libretro, such as adding Vulkan support and "rewinding" gameplay. One nitpick that I do have is that PS1 save games have their own memory card. I didn't look too much into it as it did not affect me too much. BIOS setup is also a bit frustrating, but that is about it for me.

The bios thing is why I stopped using Retroarch in Windows. It was a pain in the ass, and i never got any bios to work the the darned thing.

I was hoping to avoid having to set up Retroarch all over again an just use multiple emulators. I have no problems doing that.

Higan looked promising, but alas it's beaten me.

Mame has always been a tad too involved for me. I don't really have much time to invest into Mame. And as far as Linux goes, I can easily learn Linux at my own pace. But if I want to use Mame for emulation, I gotta spend a lot of time just sitting down and learning it. That would take up too much time for one program.

I just recently had a couple minor strokes and my patience had become very finite.

Thank you though everyone for the wonderful suggestions! Keep them coming! Eventually we should find something that will suit my needs!

This might be a bit extreme... but what if you dual booted?

It's a "Emulator Distro"? It's built on top of RetroArch. I've not used it, but wanted to check it out until I built a RetroPi box instead.

I do agree that BIOS setup is a pain in Retroarch, but it was worth it for me. I'm too lazy to use multiple emulators, and that is why I used Retroarch. I can only recall setting up PS1 BIOS and Neo-Geo BIOS, but it has been awhile. If you are just looking for GB/A emulation, then I agree with Shmidershmax. VBA is an excellent emulator in my opinion.

I'm already dual booting Linux and Windows 10. Could I tripple boot it? Is it possible with Ubuntu, and Windows?

I use Retroach in Linux for all my old-school console emulation. It does also have the Higan SNES core as well as many other SNES cores that can easily be installed within the Retroarch UI. It can also be very easy to install, especially if you are on Ubuntu/ Mint. There are PPA's available for it.

It should also be noted that the higher level SNES emulator's in Retroarch require the SNES DPS and CX4 bios ROM's. These are ROM's for enhancement chips that were built into some SNES cartridges. They can be found online.

Another option is Mednafen. This is an emulator suite that runs in the terminal. But there are good GUI front-ends for it. I recommend the Mednaffe front end. Mednafen can be found in so many different Linux software managers.

SNES9x/ SNES9x-GTK might also be worth a look for Linux emulation. These ones are not as perfect as the higher level emulators, but it gets the job done.