Help with 1950x VFIO and super sluggish input

Hi all, so I’ve recently built a 1950x system using a gigabyte aorus gaming 7 x399 board, 32gb tridentZ with my vega 64 passed through. I’ve had this same setup in the past on ryzen 7 + x370 with no issues, however now it seems the system is running gruelingly slow. anytime i try to do anything the cpu usage ramps up to 30+ %, the mouse slows to a sloth like pace once I log in, and opening anything takes forever. I’ve tried doing a clean install as well to make sure it wasnt some weird program issue. I’m on Arch with latest 4.17 kernel with vfio patches, qemu-patched (2.12) from the aur. I’ve been stumped for the last few days on this, any help would be appreciated! Here is my current xml:

It’s the PCI-E error issue:

Not sure about that. I’ve already got the tr patch applied to my kernel and also have pcie_aspm=off on my kernel boot, this is weird. basically if i try to move my mouse it’s incredibly slow/sluggish, cpu ramps up if i move the mouse in circles fast, and it takes forever to run anything. running unigine heaven stutters non stop. I’ve tried both 4.17 and 4.18-rc4/5 kernels with the tr patch. the mouse cursor seems fine until after I get passed the login screen.


Turns out it was actually the F3j bios update from gigabyte in april. That bios has a lot of problems. I tried the newer F10 bios… which breaks KVM completely because the SVM option doesn’t work, then I went down to F3g, and everything’s working as intended. Even with the older AGESA code I was still able to get my ram at its 3200 speed. GG gigabyte -_-. good thing i got this board for $150 instead of retail, i’d be pissed with the latest bios updates.

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Got VFIO working again with newest F10 bios, but I had to recompile the kernel with CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP=n and I also changed these:

CONFIG_KVM_AMD=m to CONFIG_KVM_AMD=y just in case. Probably overkill but it’s for sure working again.