Help w/ buying a 144Hz Monitor

So I'm a pretty big CS:GO player but have been playing on 60Hz for as long as I can remember, looking into making the transition to 144Hz to see how much of a difference it really is, from what I read it's pretty big. I'm in the market for a 2nd monitor anyway and have set my eye on the BenQ XL2411Z, anyone here have any recommendations as far was what I should be buying cable wise for best performance or another monitor? Any tips would be very helpful. If it helps or makes a difference my graphics card is a gtx 770.

Thank you!

Wish you would have asked the other day. the rog swift was $500 on newegg flash sale.

Also what size, screen type, and features do you want. based on the cs go you might want a low latency monitor.

Honestly, the BenQ I feel has just the right specs I may be looking for, was also recommended to me by some friends, but if their is something else I am all ears for options!

ben q is a good manufacture but they have many models of different sizes and features. So depending on your budget there is alot to look at.

Its a great time for monitors. many new features and better specs. and the top end 6 months ago are now on sale because of the new latest and greatest.

Alright then I think I will just settle for the BenQ, now I just have one pretty dumb question, which cable do I purchase to ensure I am going to get 144Hz? Haha, I am pretty clueless seeing as how their are so many cable types. I do know that HDMI does not support 144Hz, but that's about it, hah.,4336.html

hdmi 1.3 and higher.

Why not the others? Like the DisplayPort? Or the DVI?

Dual link dvi will support it and i believe any display port cable will.

Alrighty, thank you very much for the input! Maybe I'll shop around more monitor wise cause this Nixeus looks real nice, haven't really heard too much about freesync though.

Since you have a nvidia gpu you can only use gsync.

He might get an AMD gpu in the future. Better to have it and not need it then to need to get a new monitor later on for it. Besides that, it is a good monitor regardless of freesync.