Help uninstalling linux

hey i installed linux to mess about with it and learn something new but my main os win 7 is getting a bit slow so ive decided to uninstall linux and format my entire pc and update to win 10 ive tried following a guide on the web on how to uninstall it but when i try to increase the size of my partitions it wont let me

this is what it shows me on the partition program

If you're formatting anyway then you don't have to uninstall it, just format the whole disk.

ok to format do i just right click on the c drive and click format?

You'll have to do it from inside the windows installer, you can't format the system disk while you're running the operating system

ok so i start the installation for win 10 and i choose the option to format the hdd

Yep, it will come up with a list of disks and partitions, just delete all the partitions you currently have on the disk and install there, or create new partitions if you want more than one.

well ive got it up and working on win 10 cheers for the help but now i cant hear any sounds ive plugged my headset into my phone and they work there they just dont work in win 10

You probably need to get the drivers for your sound card, if it's on board then they'll be with your mother board drivers on their site

cheers ive got the sound working now and when i logged back in windows made a loud noise which scared the crap out of me well i now know they work ;)

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