Help - Trying to build my first PC

Greetings community!

I'm trying to build my own rig, here's what I have in mind. I would appreciate any suggestions or opinions. Usage will mostly be for gaming and video editing.

CPU: i7 3770k

Mobo: MSI Z77 Bigbang MPower

GPU: MSI GTX 660 Ti 

RAM: Avexir 16GB Dual (8x2) 1600

HDD: 2TB Seagate 72krpm SATA 3

SSD: 120GB Crucial M4

PSU: Seasonic M12II 620w

My budget would be around P55,000 to P65,000, that's about $1,341 $1,585 in USD. But the thing is, computer parts are hell of a expenive son of a bitch here in the Philippines. Yeah, fuck my country. If anyone of you is curious, let me known and I'll post the prices of the parts compared to USD.

Anyway, thank you and I would appriciate any suggestion

Build looks good, Although if you're spending this kind of money you should probably allocate some more money to the GPU. Don't get me wrong, the 660ti is awesome, Im happily running one as we speak, but my systems a few hundred bucks cheaper. Plus from the look of it u still need a case and for the money an aftermarket cooler wouldnt be too much to ask for either.

I love my Fractal Design Define Mini, but that wont fit you're mobo, so I'd suggest the R4. If u like clean looking cases thats the way to go. I personally don't need more than 8gigs of RAM but thats up to you, might make a difference when it comes to editing..

Thanks for the response H3nneh, I'm trying to build another one and will post it here. I've done a bit more of a research and found out that there are a few features of the build that I might not need. 

Who am I kidding, after watching a few builds from teksyndicate I think my build is crap HAHAHA!! Trying to compile another one now LOL. 

Where did u get the avexir ram from?  I've been contacting their website but no response.

This was 7 months ago.