Help to Breathe Life into New USB-C Hub on Linux Much Appreciated!

Hey there everyone,
I bought a USB-C Dock for my work laptop to get a proper Ethernet and still run 2nd monitor via USB-C. The lights turn on but no Ethernet, USB or anything works.

HUB: AeroCool Type-C Hub & Dock ASA-ATHB83A
Laptop: Dell XPS 13 9360
OS: Pop!_OS 19.10
Kernel: 5.3.0-7648-generic

More HUB info - 14cd:8608

hubadditions.txt is what’s added to lsusb when HUB plugged in
The others are dmesg with and without HUB
hub-unplugged-dmesg.txt (76.2 KB)
hub-dmesg.txt (80.1 KB)
hubadditions.txt (426 Bytes)

All I can say about it is I bought a USB-C hub for my Dell laptop once. As soon as I realized I took it right back to the store and traded it for an official Dell Thunderbolt dock, the TB16. Works great in Linux, much faster all around. Was $150 more expensive, so…

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I just looked that up online. Just to check, you did get the USB-C cable for power plugged into power?

From the docs, they are not multipurpose, which one goes where makes a difference.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will soon be able to test how it functions after plugging a Nintendo Switch charger into its Power USB-C port, if that’s what you mean? I was under the impression that port gave power not required input from a 3rd party charger?
(If you were asking which port I plugged the monitor into, it was the data one)

Have not been having any luck with this, unfortunately. Does anybody have any other suggestions? I hope I have given enough information in the post.

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