Help, Tis not Working

Need any suggestions that anyone can give. Here's the information that I have.

The problem:

Starts for ~1sec and then stops. The fans spin up and that's it. No post, no beeps, no error code. If I unplug CPU power then it turns on, sort-of. This is the second motherboard, same problem.

The Hardware:

i7 4770k

nzxt kraken x60

asus z87ws

2x 8gb g.skill sniper (1600)

3 250gb samsung ssds

1 3tb hdd

850w corsair psu

Rosewill Blackhawk

What's been done so far:

CMOS reset, different psu, 750w one I'm using right now with no change, 1 stick of ram (a1, b1) and then the other, remove and reseat motherboard, unplug everything and plug it back in 1 at a time.

bad cpu?

Is all of the cables connected to the power supply?

sounds like a short somewhere.

So your saying if you remove the CPU, it starts fine. Can you get into the UEFI?

If so I doubt its a short somewhere but to be sure, i would disassemble and reassemble taking your time to checkl there are no screws touching the back of the Mobo. You have a good Mobo there. Dont want to kill it. You could try flashing a new bios with a USB if you can boot without the CPU.

Also try using just 1 stick of ram at a time. Faulty ram can also cause issues with posts.

Just remove all HDD's and SSD's, Get it down to the absolute minimum you need to get the system to post and work out if its the CPU, ram (That would be my guess) or a short on the back of the mobo due to incorrect setup.

Did minimal config and, with 1 stick of ram. Started RMA with Intel to get the CPU replaced and we'll see how that goes. Mobo has already been replaced with a different model so I really doubt it's that. Wish me luck and thanks for your help.

It was the CPU. Everything is working well now.