HELP the new fella on C++

Hello everyone,

Long story short, I want to learn C++ for my long time goal of leaning computer programming. I chose today to finally step in the direction of learning some kind language, thanks to the Tek Syndicate forums I learned that it is widely agreed upon that C++ is great way to start this journey.

I am learning via the youtube tutorials, but I forgot the first thing in all of this...I NEED THE PROGRAM!!

Is it free and offered by microsoft, or is it for sell?

Any help is always appreciated, if you have any tips or anything that will benefit my learning process (e.g. a specific tutoring guide, program, way to tackle c++) I would be more than glad to listen to.

Thanks and please help this rubbish of a man.

The most common tool for programming on Windows is Visual Studio. Microsoft offers a free version called, "Visual Studio Community 2016," or something along those lines. Google that up and start programming! Have fun! I'm a fellow C++ student and I've been having a ball learning and messing around :3

You need a compiler you mean? I know from a guy i think his name was Linus who 25 years ago used something called GCC. its free without license i mean afcourse and everything you make in it is free for you to use how you want it to use and there are binary's for Windows. With Windows am afraid for there EULA. If only i knew what that guy Linus did with gcc..oh well wasn't important i geuss..


Start with the gcc. . . [Gnu C Compiler]

Thank you guys so much.

I hope you get into Async/ Parallel programming... It's the future

If you can figure out how to get Clang setup it'll make the learning experience less frustrating. The compile errors are actually human readable. I believe there is a way to use Clang in VS. I know for a fact it works in CLion. (Might be a bit of a challenge to get CLion running in windows at first) Also compiles a lot faster than GCC.

I think this is up to date for Visual Studio.