Help the Color-Blind Dude Calibrate Colors!

As you may or may not know, I just got a nice purdy 4k monitor (supports [email protected] 4:4:4 over DP1.2, supposedly 10 bit but dunno if it's really 10 bit or just 8) and am struggling with color settings. P.S. I'm color-blind. It's not really that bad but I have a type of red-green color-blindness that makes this a little additionally difficult. But to answer the most obvious question: Yes I can see colors, it's just certain in-between shades that confuse my eyes (some purples look blue or oranges look red, etc.).

So I've done this in the past with 1440p displays where I mostly just changed some RGB values, temperatures, brightness, contrast, and gamma and it seemed everything else just fell into place. However, I'm now seeing settings in the nVidia Control Panel (GTX 750 w/ DisplayPort 1.2) I've never seen before and would like some help.

So my questions:

  1. I'm using this site to help provide some guidance. Is it decent once you all educate me a bit?
  2. For Output Color Format, do I want YCbCr444 or RGB? (I know I don't want YCbCr422.)
  3. If RGB, I assume I want Full and not Limited, right? Limited is really for TVs/Movies, right? (My primary need is Development/Productivity)
  4. No matter what settings I select for those things I just asked about, my only options for Desktop Color Depth is "Highest (32-bit)" and Output color depth is "8 bpc". Does this mean that this monitor doesn't really support 10 bit colors?
  5. Is there anything else I need to worry about within the nVidia Control Panel with calibrating colors or is everything else done with my monitor's settings itself? I see the "Adjust desktop color settings" screen but it seems most of these are redundant with my monitor's settings, which I would think would be preferable to use. But I'm willing to be wrong. :)

I'm sure I'll have more questions later but if you folks can help me understand these things, I think that will go a long way to helping me better utilize the site I linked above to help me calibrate colors on this display.

Thanks in advance!!


i have a question, why do you care about the calibration of your monitor if your color blind? if you are not seeing the "right" colors either way does it really matter which shade of "wrong" color you see?

While I may still see some slightly wrong colors, it's still important that shades of colors are visible and that my bright colors aren't so saturated that I can't see things that are supposed to be different or my darks are so muddy/crushed together that they all become black.

In other words, I'm already handicapped pretty severely. I don't need a poorly-calibrated monitor making things even worse!

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if you can get your monitor to display blue only you can use color bars to calibrate your monitor.

its a little technical so if you would first check to see if you can put it into blue only mode first then I would be more than happy to talk about how to calibrate it based off of that.

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I'm not seeing this capability in the monitor's menu. Would this be there or in my gfx card utility (Nvidia Control Panel)?

I'd help ya but I'm actually blind lol

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you really want it on your monitor as its the item doing the interpreting and the settings would be changed on the monitor using the blue only mode setting but Nvidia does have a walk through. If you want to spend some money there are hardware tools that will also do the calibration for you, some of the better ones are linked in the article below.

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Unfortunately, I don't think my monitor has a blue-only mode. I can find ways to boost/diminish colors but not actually filter out non-blues.

Any calibration tools you could recommend that are worth buying for ~$50 USD? $100 USD is a bit much to cough up for this - I'd rather spend some time following these guides doing it myself (while my time has value, learning this stuff is also valuable to me).


What model is your monitor? You may be able to just download a pre-calibrated file for it

Nah. It's a Korean panel that was just released. Crossover 405k.

Full, calibrate from monitor, and from the rest I have no idea.

Search monitor review and trust those calibration settings? I did that last time.. :D
OR get Photoshop filters and download the tests.

~Closing nonsense~
Anyways pointless to trust other people when it comes to calibrating because I have seen myself how differently my friend would put the settings that its funny. So as the monitor is for you, you calibrate it according to your own dear eyeballs. Height also affects from depending how much that monitor shifts from tilting or how you tend to align yourself towards the monitor.

Can somebody answer this question for me please?

I am sorry I did not convey my thought well. Nvidia has a walk through on how to calibrate your graphics card to your monitor on the link provided, It will not use the blue only method.

sadly there are no cheaper methods to hardware calibrate your monitor that I know of they are all niche products and sell for semi high prices maybe you could find a used one on ebay or craigslist.

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Do you plan to use the 10 bit color depth/ can you use it? You'll need a graphics card capable of handling 10 bit, which not all do (and I hear nvidia has been rather behind on getting most desktop cards to do 10 bit, but that could be old info), and not all OSes/Applications support 10 bit by default or at all still.

I say that just because if you actually do want to use the extra color depth, I'd think you should get that part setup first and then calibrate that, as there will be more fine tuning required with greater depth.

I'm red-green (and a couple levels of others) color blind too and worry about this kinda thing too, but I can always have my wife calibrate things if necessary (and, considering shes an artist and works on projects where this is more important, it makes more sense to have her look at everything). Might be a good idea to get someone who isn't color blind to help make things easier.

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Seriously, get a calibrator or someone else to calibrate it for you. it is next to impossible for you to do it yourself due to being colorblind. This is because the calibration depends on the ambient lighting in the room and the monitor itself and its brightness and such.

Getting a calibrator seems like a waste but its kinda like having glasses when you need to have glasses, you can see and in this case the calibrator will see for you.

as for the color settings, as long as you aren't doing print work, RGB is probably what you want as that is what most other monitors / users will use, so if you do things that look fine in YCbCR444 but your users / clients etc. use rgb it might seem off to them.

use calibrator
use the same color space as the intended audience

Source: I too am colorblind.


I guess I'll have to see if I can find a couple people who could also use this to chip in on one unless I can find one to borrow. Thanks for the advice!