[help] The best pcie network adapter <$34 can buy?

Hi everyone, I'm looking for an ok pci-e network adapter

I found the tp-link TL-WDN4800 for $34 usd, free shipping (I'm not in the USA so it's kind of a bargain).
it's a little above my budget but It looks decent, I might buy it unless you know of a better device
specs: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/TL-WDN4800.html#specifications

Here's my pcpartpicker in case you need it https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rb9rqk

I've never used that specific card, but it does get fairly good reviews over all. $34 also seems to be a fair price.

How fast do you need the card to be? Is it just to connect to the internet, or is it going to be used to connect to a local server or something?

I've had the best luck with Intel wireless cards. I know it's more expensive, but the Intel 7260 works rather nicely. Search for Intel 7260HMWDTX1 for the one with PCIe adapter and antennas.

Another decent one is the TP Link Archer T6E. I have the T8E, and aside from futzing around with the driver a little, it has worked well. The Archer line I've seen go on sale pretty frequently, so finding a deal should be pretty easy if you don't mind waiting.

I had the intel one in my sights but the price is too damn high,
the t6e is attractive and only $7 more in my country's amazon, I'll think about that one

The device will be installed in my PC
I'm a computer science student (I don't know exactly what I'll do later on projects but I know I want a solid connection however my isp isn't that fast so I want reliability, not uberspeeds)
I also watch lots of netflix and play some online video games.
I just want a device that isn't crap and I'll end up hating and if possible I don't want to spend all my savings since I also need to buy other stuff D:

I have that exact adapter and It's really good. There is almost no difference between wired and wireless with this card. The only thing I had troubles with is it seating correctly in my case. I couldn't mount it correctly so I just shoved it into the slot and let it hang there. I didn't have to do anything either it was completely plug and play.

that's scary, why did that happen, what case do you have?

Cooler Master N200. It's a cheap ass case.

i had a similar problem with a pci e network card in the cheapest case at the store, but actually screwing it in solved all my problems.

good to know :)