[Help] Tell me about used GPUs!

I found a GTX 670 for 275$ online, it is used and claimed to be like brand new as it has only been "used" for about 5 hours before the owner bought a 680.

  • 1. How good of a deal is this?
  • 2. If I do contact the seller, what are some things I should ask to make sure the GPU still works, etc?

GTX 670


Ask him about artifacting (visual spikes, discoloration, etc), and be sure there is some type of garauntee or insurance from a 3rd party. It's about $85 less than new, so it doesn't seem too good, but I don't understand why someone would "upgrade" from a 670 to a 680; there isn't a huge performance gain, and the premium is steep. It doesn't make any sense.

I know a lot of people who have done the same thing, some people absolutely will not accept a card that won't run a certain game at max settings and get well over 60 fps. For seeing if it works, tell him to make a video of the card running and him playing a few minutes of a game on it.