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[HELP] Stuck column of pixels on monitor, temporarily fixed by power cycle


I have a nixeus EDG 27 monitor. And long story short, I ruined one of the mounting screws while setting up a vesa mount arm for it, leaving me with no choice but to disassemble the monitor and saw off the entire mounting point from within the monitor. I had to be quite a bit rougher with the whole monitor than I was comfortable with, but it needed some kind of stand; so I did what had to be done and eventually closed it up and mounted it with 3 of the 4 screws. To my surprise it has worked great for the past 2 months or so with no problems.

Unfortunately today out of the blue an entire column of pixels became stuck red. I tried a few programs to flash the screen, changed DP cables, used a different display output, but alas nothing had an effect. Turning the monitor off (standby) has no effect, but unplugging it and waiting for it to power down then reactivating it actually did reset the column and the pixels were responding just like normal for about 30sec to a minute, then the column reappeared.

The fact that i can temporarily fix it gives me hope, but I know the prognosis isn’t great. Anybody have ideas on something that might fix the problem?


It might have just been a glitch… hopefully it won’t be a further issue.


How long do you have the monitor? Might be that a capacitor or transistor went bad or a solder joint broke (yay, lead free solder).

I don´t think the mounting or handling has anything to do with the failure.


i think the glue of the thing is coming off , if you press near the black column on the side of the screen does it help?