Help! Slow sudo after update to Kernel 5.1! (Fedora 30)

Hello, apologies for being a bit of a noob.
I upgraded my system to the latest kernel, and now when I type sudo or even try to login, it takes 10-20 seconds to load. My Nextcloud server no longer even connects, even though my Minecraft one still works.
This seems like a network issue, but I have port forwarding correctly set up on my router and in the firewall.
I don’t even know where to start!
Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: SSH still works as well.

Hey, just a bug, it’s something to do with snapd-selinux by the sound of it, it was causing other issues as well.
Anyways try an update as there’s new packages that seem to have resolved it for me.

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Wow, that worked, thank you so much! I guess updating once does not update all the packages.

All good broski, It’s possible but it was probably just timing in this case as the updates are pretty fresh.