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Help selling a monitor


I am looking to sell my LG 34UM88-C in order to get some money for an ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q. I know of craigslist but was looking for advice on how or where to sell it. It is still in like new condition and I have the original packaging. I might try ebay as well and am not sure if selling on Amazon is possible. Any tips, tricks, advice on how to sell this asap in order to buy my next monitor? Thanks


Not knowledgeable enough about it but there are “”“mobile”"" applications like NextDoor that help selling things within your community. I have a friend that does this weekly to buy, sell, and trade with people in his neighborhood. They’re kind of in a ritzy neighborhood so that’s their thing, they leave money at each others doormats and shit lol.

Craigslist seems a little creepy, with their 1999 UI and Newspaper prostitute look and feel. I’d be afraid of getting sexually accosting by selling on there. Definitely prefer Ebay or the Amazon Seller’s program.


Thanks, I’ll give it a look. At this point I’m gonna just list it on as many sites as I can in the hopes that it sells fast.