Help running productivity apps under Proton

I have 2 windows applications that I need for my job. As I would rather live on a linux machine I try to check in on WIne / Proton every year or two to see if I can install my needed programs. I currently run a Manjaro workstation with a Windows VM with GPU passthrough and it works fine enough.

I recently installed Proton 6.3 and things looked very promising. The installer starts and displays correctly, but then will not accept my valid (and expensive) serial number. However it checks (phone home, or whatever) does not like a WIne/Proton environment). Same installer / serial number does fine in the Win10 VM.

Any idea? I turned off my firewall, there is no native virus blocking on linux, I temp turned off my add blocker… I doubt my router is blocking anything as the VM works. Why would a valid serial number check work on Windows 10 and not in Proton/Wine?

What are the applications you are trying to install? Have you found any information from others saying they do or do not work with Proton?

Have you tried Lutris? looks like the initial use of straight wine might have been better, if it had worked

Whatever your application may be. If you can’t get it to run under Wine but under a VM, how about this?

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Probably should run it in a windows vm anyway, if a problem comes up and you tell the tech support you’re running it on wine it’s not going to look good on you, especially if it means company data is lost

Programs are made to work under a certain environment and when they update, they aren’t going ask you first if your nonstandard one is compatible

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No version of the program has been listed on the Wine DB for years, though I am somewhat confident that the program itself could run if I can get past the installer checks. I managed to get it installed 5-6 years ago, but it was a proof of concept on below minimum hardware when the installer was more basic. I just have no idea what mechanism the installer uses to check the serial number.

This might be something to look into.

This is less of a concern as this is my personal copy /license and I can manage that risk. When working in larger firms I am supplied with a machine. This is mostly about not being personally beholden to windows as an OS especially with the compatibility lockouts coming with Windows 11.

Btw. What software is it?


How willing are you to get your hands dirty? Because what you could do is try bypassing the installer with some file and registry key copying.

I am happy to do anything like that. Any ideas where to start?