Help! really old PC IBM 5155

i had gotten this pc on a impluse buy for a retro pc. now its just sitting in my room. 

even has the ibm blue bag but it smells old.

the pc still works but had to take out the video card. the battery on the video card that keeps the time was leaking on the video card.

but before that the system still works. just has no software to go with.

i wanted to load old software from the internet but i don't know how.

a link to help you see what it is.

whoa what a dinosaur. Where did you even get this thing? And I have no idea what you could do with it lol. Play some old ass dos games?

yes, play old dos games. also run some old software like used in math lol.

i got it from ebay.

To get software you could try to get an old i486 machine with a 5.25" floppy drive (with floppies) and use Linux or DOS running in FAT and write the floppies that way. Or, you could be adventurous and try to get an IDE PCI card and 5.25" floppy combo working on a modern machine (most likely going to need Linux since Windows NT, which what modern Windows runs on, probably dropped that legacy support a while ago).

One final option is: make software for yourself because that's what people did in the 80s, everything was pretty much done by hand and people only bought software if they were incapable of programming or the program was too complicated to hand make.

And one final word, nice find. Those computers are very hackable, look up some old computer magazines from around the same time period, they will give you lots of good hardware and software hacks for it.

Ha, I used to have one of them, but I accidentally wiped the floppy for the OS or something.

All I have is a PC that runs Windows 7. So I don't know if I could run any kind of DOS on this PC.

I have read up on the option of using a 5.25 floppy drive on a modern machine before. I also have heard some by putting old zip drives in the IBM.

 I am a newbie when it comes writing software. But I get this machine clean up and running I will look into learning how to write software.


Yeah I think this computer is a nice find. I look forward to working on it.