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[Help] QEMU/KVM VLAN VM's networking


Bit of a QEMU/KVM and Linux noob here.
Recently i made the switch from Hyper-V.
I was able to convert my .vhdx’s to cow2 and this worked Great.

However i’m having a hard time understanding networking with QEMU/KVM or i guess linux altogether.
Basically what i’m trying to have is. I use VLAN14 and VLAN15
for my DEV network at home.

The way i have set this up, the VM’s are working on the correct VLANS.
However it just doesn’t feel like its right. Is this the correct method to provide these VM’s VLANS? I posted Screenshots from NMTUI and NM-connection-editor.

Any help is appreiciated.
The reason i bring this up is, i look on my DHCP server and the QEMU/KVM host is showing an IP address on every VLAN it is attached also the VM’s on the VLANs. So for instance. I have VLAN15 and VLAN14, not only do the VM’s have IP’s on these networks, also the host does as well. Resulting in the VM host having 5-6 IP’s.




For the bridge interfaces on the host you can set the ip settings to none. Not sure if you can do it in network manager but if you edit the /etc/network/interfaces file you just set them to manual instead of dhcp, like this:

auto brdmz0
   iface brdmz0 inet manual
   bridge_ports bond0.3
   bridge_stp off
   bridge_fd 0.0


There’s a gazillion ways of setting up networking to shuffle packets around.

Most people would use bridges and vlan slave interfaces, what @Dexter_Kane described is a common setup.

There’s a more complicated, and also more secure and more performant way of doing it: . Bridge vlan filtering approach described there is a newer way of doing things and is not as widespread, but works nicely.

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Thanks, don’t think Manjaro has /etc/network not sure where it stores this.



I’ll give this a look thank you.