Help Please!

okay, im working on my first build and im not getting any power. the ONLY thing that is turning on is a case LED, and its only for a second, and then it shuts off.

do you guys think it could be a bad power supply? please help.

Thank you!

Check all connections first! 24 pin, 8 pin, and pci 6/8pin. Then check power headers (those little pins). If problem still persists then maybe its your psu.


i unplugged my disk drive and one of my fans, and im still only getting the fromnt LEDs to turn on for a few seconds. its 450W PSU...ive only got 2GB of ram in at the moment, and ive got a 4 core AMD FX processor clocked at 3.8GHz. do you think its a bad PSU?

Thanks in advance.

Check if your PC POSTs. Just have your CPU,CPU cooler and RAM modules plugged into your mobo. Plug in the 24pin and 8pin CPU power. Connect that mobo to a monitor and fire it up.If it heads into the BIOS,you're fine.

This might be a weird suggestion but try and change the CMOS battery. I have had a computer before that did the same thing until I changed the battery. Its a shot in the dark but its better than nothing.

if you checked all the connections and it still wont boot then its most likely your psu

Re plug everything correctly, take your time and then check if everything boots nicely. Just asking but have you plugged in the either 4 or 8 pin CPU plug onto your mobo? If everything in the computer is plugged in properly but it still doesn't turn on, Some part of your computer (most likely the PSU) would need replacing.

i did what you told me to do. the fans are turning on now. i guess im just using A LOT more power than i thought i was. Thank you so much man! i appreciate the help.

i did what you told me to do. the fans are turning on now. i guess im just using A LOT more power than i thought i was. Thank you so much man! i appreciate the help.

Got it figured out. i did what Lebozo suggested and im getting everything powered on now. thanks for the help, guys!

No problem! Anytime.

Thats great so i guess its solved?

Just something for you everyone here in the future. If a person is worried about his PSU being broken. You can test your PSU pretty simple. 

BE SURE THE POWER IS OFF! Turn of the PSU if it has a switch & unplugg the power cord that goes to the wall. Then unplug all cables from the motherboard that are coming from the PSU. Mostly 24pin, 8pin, 8/6pin PCI-e, sata cables and molexs.

Then grab something to short out 2 pins, often a paperclip is more then good enough. Grab the 24pin connector and look for a green cable. There is only 1, then put the connector in that hole and the other one in a black cable one, this can be any black one but often there is one right next to it. Then you put away that connector, DO NOT TOUCH IT ANYMORE! Then you can plug in the cable back in to the PSU and turn it on with the switch if it has one. This will short out the boot circuit for the PSU and will make it "boot" this way you can see if the fan start to work, useally this means your PSU is fine.

There are a few exceptions here ofcourse, some PSU cables have all black ones, so then you have to consult the manual. As well some PSU don't let the fan spin unless it gets to a certain % load. But useally those fans will spin up shortly at the boot up.