Help Picking out a New 10GbE/Multi-Gig Network Switch

Little background

I started with a QNAP QSW-1105-5T (5-Port 2.5GbE ). I managed to get my hands on an Asus UG-U2008 ((2) Port 10GbE/(8) Port Gigabit). One downside to the Asus is that the 10GbE ports are only 10 or 1 Gigabit with no support for 2.5/5. I managed to find a deal on a QNAP QSW-M2108-2C (Managed, (2) Port 10GbE/(8) Port 2.5GbE).

Unfortunately, I have gone through 2 of the M2108s. The first was DOA with missing software. The second about a year in started exhibiting problems by preventing internet via the uplink (Local Traffic still worked). Unplugging and replugging the uplink worked to get it back but this got too frequent and I eventually contacted support. To their credit, they replaced it with a new one, however, that leads me here to explore other options since I am not convinced to use the M2108 anymore.

What I am Looking At/For

I have a NAS with 10GbE, Main PC with 10 GbE, and a Media PC with 2.5GbE. From there I have a couple 2.5/5GbE adapter I would like to fully utilize. From there a handful of gigabit devices.

So far I have been looking at

  • QNAP QSW-2104-2T-A-US ($150, (2) Port 10 GbE/(4) Port 2.5)
  • Zyxel XGS1210-12 ($180, Managed, (2) Port 10 10G SFP+/(2) 2.5GbE/(8) Gigabit) (They have a model for $30 less where only difference is it is unmanaged)
  • Zyxel XGS1250-12 ($240, Managed, (3) Port 10 GbE/(1) 10G SFP+/ (8) Gigabit)
  • Ubiquiti USW-Flex-XG ((4) 10GbE RJ45 ports/(1) Gigabit)

I am leaning toward the QNAP since it will get me most of what I need with a 2.5GbE port left over. I would use it with a standard gigabit switch for the various gigabit devices.

However, having at least an extra 10GbE to use with an adapter would be nice (but not make it break). The management of the M2108 was nice but I am not 100% sure I care about that entirely but if I can grow into it then it would be nice to have! Which is why I have been looking at the Zyxel.

The Ubiquiti option is a nice thought, but I am not sure is the right route to go since I would ultimately be breaking it out to 2 more switches to handle 2.5GbE/Gigabit connections. I would like to avoid too many switches.

I’d like to avoid SFP+ if possible, however, if the cost is low enough I could invest in a couple of adapters. One super picky thing is I would ideally like ports and power on the backside for both of these as I am not rackmounting them. However, if something does what I ultimately need it to, I could get around this (like in the case of the Zyxel).

So questions I have would be:

  1. I would like to hear thoughts about bettering my setup and any thoughts that you guys had reading this. Should I be highly considering managed switch even though I don’t need the features now?
  2. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on the Zyxel brand? I read that they have partnered with QNAP at some point for something.
  3. Any recommendations for a multi-gig switch I haven’t seen yet that could meet my wants? Budget is under $450 USD with lower the better.

Zyxel is a Chinese brand that’s on the “do not employ on core IT infrastructure” list of various Gov’t agencies in the Western world (including the US, Aus and EU). It’s on the list for a reason: (fears of) backdoors in their software and maybe even hardware too that allow the CCP both access to traffic on the network as well as the ability to disrupt and/or manipulate said traffic. Are the CCP interested in your data? Most likely not, unless you have access to sensitive data they’re interested in. They don’t know if you do, so they’ll harvest it anyway. Will they use your Zyxel router(s) as attack vectors for gaining access to your local Gov’t agencies? They certainly will! :skull_and_crossbones:


I am looking to use it for home use, however, that is still disappointing to hear! They seem to be a budget-friendly option where there aren’t too many of them.

Someone asked, I googled for you:



Serverthehome has some good 10gbe switch reviews

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Have you looked at any Mikrotik options?


I will be checking out their forms in a little bit as well! Was starting here. Love Servethehome!

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Here and there. I know a couple caught my eye from Amazon when I looked around a bit back. I know they make some round ups. Are you able to tell me anything about them?

I will have a closer look at them to see if they offer something I could use. However, the ones I did see had SFP+ and didn’t have power where I would have preferred.

Id get a Hasivo S1100WP-8XGT-SE for home use looking for cheap right now. Best deal you can get

1/2.5/5/10, which is uncommon in a lot of switches and this supports that on all 8 ports.
Also PoE+ so you can power a Wifi6e or Wifi 7 AP on it
Managed so you can do vlans and other good stuff on it.
$320 after shipping

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That link I posted should take you to their 10GB Ethernet switch. They are based in Latvia and are very reputable and good products.

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Thanks @Dutch_Master for the links I did not expect you to google it.

@VariablyGeeky About three years ago I was considering purchasing either a Netgate apliance (Phsence) or a Mikrotik Router (Router OS), the only resean I purchase a Negate appliance was because I heard Router os is not as intuitive as Phsense. I have heard Mikrotik’s switching software is not ad hard to learn as their router software. When I have time to learn a whole new router software, I will purchase Mikrotik router software and run it inside my Network stmuation software (GNS 3).

Looks like a decent switch! I will keep it in mind. Though I don’t think it will be top on my list. It’s up there on price and ideally fanless would be nice. However, this is a nice find! POE is deff a plus.

Most are SFP+, but they do have an RJ45 switch also.

I used it here for a while before downsizing the network and deciding I didn’t need that many 10g ports.

Hah, same link as was posted earlier. Didn’t even notice.


Haha yeah it was but I don’t mind! I will definitely have to keep it on my “to watch” list if multiple people have looked at this switch.

Right now I am similar in that I don’t need that much. Maybe when I have room/time for a rack and can really put some money in.

2 10G is all I really need with a 3rd being ideal for a USB 5GbE adapter I have but is optional. Other than that another 2 2.5GbE for required devices (optionally 2 extra for expansion) and then some gigabit ports to fill out misc devices.

I just wanna make sure I do my proper research and know what I am missing out on if I go with something “basic” like the QNAP 10G/2.5GbE switch.

I have noticed most are SFP+ as well. From my research, I mostly lose versatility right?

Yeah I have a Cisco Router switch stored in the closet for when I am ready for a rack system and have time to get back into routing.

Except that Zyxel is a Taiwanese company and they’re not on the list…

They have very competent gear vs pricing in my experience

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Thanks for the clarification! I didn’t see it on the lists from earlier and I knew about Huawei and ZTE. Tbh, I am not too concerned but it is nice knowing that a company is not on the list.

Do you have any other experience you could share regarding Zyxel? Have you used their software? Are they otherwise reliable?

I agree that their pricing is intriguing to get an intro into SFP while getting the rest of what I need in a Switch. It’s a bit toward the more expensive ones but I would consider the XGS1250-12. I could either separate out to a 2.5GbE switch or get an SFP Adapter for my 4th device.

It would allow me the option to have only one switch. It’s between that or the QNAP. It’s just a bummer to have to also shell out around $110 on SFP+ Adapters in addition. Regardless if it is still an overall decent price.

You can add 1/2.5/5/10 RJ45 transceivers to an SFP+ port and turn it into a copper port, but those cost $65 each so it gets really expensive to change the ports and is better to just buy the switch with RJ45s in the first place if that is what you need

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Yeah and unfortunately, I haven’t found there to be much of a difference between 2.5GbE and 10GbE. About $10-20. Which doesn’t seem worth limiting yourself to 1/4 of the speed for later expansion. Otherwise if I could get an inexpensive 2.5/5GbE to pop into the one Zyxel switch with 3 10GbE ports already it would be more of a consideration.

These were an SFP adapter I was looking at in the event I wanted to consider a switch with SFP ports. Is there a reason I shouldn’t consider this one?