Help picking Graphics card

So I was looking at the $750 build video and I don't really have any problems except the card. I was going with this one here and I was choosing this because of the 2 slots rather than 3. 

But as you can see it is really expensive for what is. (was cheaper at release of video) 

So my question is: Can one of you awesome ladies or gentlemen recommend a graphics card that has around the same specs but cheaper? If you have a link that would also be really cool. 

Thanks for your time. This may be you're best bet.

Or this for a really cheap card.

Or you could go with the re-branded 7970 Ghz Edition card, the PowerCooler R9 280x for $399.99 Link or the MSI/GIGABYTE versions for $439.99

MSI R9 280X Link


Its unfortunate that these cards prices have gone up from the original $299.99 price tag. If you don't want to pay that much go for the GTX 760 or even a R9 270X. Very cheap but powerful cards.


GTX 770 would most likely be the best bet due to AMD price inflation, as long as the OP has no intention of mining.

or... you could wait a little bit for prices to come back down :D win win everyone?

As long as the OP has 5-6 months to wait xD in the mean time,

Prices ain't gonna come down anytime soon, imo.

agreed, unless someone makes it illegal or it gets 10-15x harder.

GTX 770 is the best bang for buck in graphics cards ATM... capable of ultra HD and hovering at $330-350... whereas the very comparable 280x is still at $400 if you're even lucky enough to find it in stock...

AMD recommends using a Radeon graphics card with it's cpu's.

AMD recommends using a Radeon graphics card with it's cpu's.

Well, I wonder why?!

(sarcasm to the max)\

OP can't really help if all R9 280Xs are priced through the roof and out to space right now.

Thanks Guys. I really do appreciate this. I will put all of your combined answers and info to good use. 

AMD also recommends using AMD RAM with its CPUs.

Like we're actually going to listen.