Help picking a new pair of headphones

Hi guys!
My pair of wireless sennheiser RS-130 just broke today and I thought that i would buy a new pair of headphones instead of repairing them, since they are like 4 years old now.
So my question to you guy is what headphones you can rec. in the 150-170$ area.

They should have decent sound quality and with a cable.
Noisecancellation and preferably without a mic.


It's really hard to reccommend headphones in that price range, because thats fucking expensive. Most headphones don't even get near that price. I mostly only could find bose headphones, and i hate bose. thats a great set

MY CHOICE, because u can take out the microphone if you want to!

I would go with these. They are amazing.


I just picked up a pair of AKG K240 MkII, they are amazing. I don't like Sennheiser headphones, they push against your ear, and it gets sore after a bit. These ones go around your ear, and rest on your skull. You can wear them for days.

$180 CAN.

Find a decent pair of Sony Studio Monitor MDRs.

Just make sure that the frequency response(not range) is from 6-30000hz.

i had a pair of senn 595's not long ago. wouldn't recommend them tho.

kinda too bright for my taste. no problems running it with the pc, but for a portable player you'll need an amplifier (almost no bass to be heard).

check these out

or you can try some grados. (sr60/80/125)

im using a cyber snipa sonar 5.1 i love them, i had to send it back once (damaged during shipping + defective mic). but i sent it back and my new one works great. so i would suggest them. great sound, great bass, good mic, AMAZING DESIGN!

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I have what Droo recommended. Best headphones I've ever used, even over the sennheiser 555's and high-end bose headphones

sexy sexy carcharias from razer :)

Roccat Kave:

Logitech G35s r really good. bought em a week ago. Amazing! but if u have access to Roccat and theres one other company, not Razer, they look sweet too!

i will third the audio technica, for the price its hard to beat. if you care about sound quality the most you shoulld be looking a audiophile grade headphones. if you care about looks and a built on mic grab a logitech , rocat, razer, creative, or cyber snipa.