Help picking a CPU

I am stuck between the fx 8350($180) and i5 4670($180) or the 4670k($235).I currently have a fx 4170 but to get the 8350 I have to get a new mobo anyway.I am not big on overclocking and I just want it for gaming.I have a gtx 770 OC and my current cpu can't keep up so which will be the best to get and on amazon the 8350 and the 4670 are the same price or is the k version that different and wait a little bit for that.


Some what depends on what you are going to be doing, honestly both cpu's are very close in performance (the i5 is slightly better, but a bit more pricey). Imo go with the 4670k if you can, both processors are very good, but the real deal breaker comes to the platform. Am3+ is sadly dead, so I think long term you would do better with the i5.

Edit: Why wouldn't you oc? It's free performance and only requires you to get a decent heatsink for about 20-30$ 

what would be a good mobo in the 200 range for the 4670k and what is the difference between the 4670 and the 4670k

There are plenty, depends on what form factor you want ATX, mATX mITX etc. And the difference would be overclocks, the k series from intel are unlocked processors so you can overclock them to your hearts content. 

ok thanks I did a little quick research and I think I will go with a z87 and is the 212 evo a good enough cooler to overclock with

I have a 212 evo and it's ok for not too crazy overclocks (4 ghz, maybe 4.3 max). There are of course much better coolers if you're willing to pay for them.

Yea the 212 will do just fine, won't give you crazy oc's but for the price nothing can really beat it. Just make sure your case can fit it, can be pretty tall.