Help! Parents need a new PC

Basically, they want a single pc between the two of them, ie 1 pc, and 2 keyboards/video/mouse setups, however, I have no idea how to do this with a single PC. Can anyone help? People on the forums suggested I ask Wendel for advice on how to have two users on windows 7 at the same time. Thanks :)

i've been trying to find info out on this for two years pplz tell us bump this thread or whatever it is to make it more relevant.

good idea, hopefully someone answers this.

the only way right off the top of my head would be a form of vm type setup as you need more then one OS on the one set of hardware. from what i know that is the only way cos i dont think you can have two keyboards / mouses working in the one OS and heaveing sepret input

their may be other ways

everything that you could do would be too convoluted and slow, just build two separt machines

They dont do much, office and a web browser, plus myob, and that will be it. In terms of running 4 VMs on an i5 and having all that run on each instance? not slow, so whats the problem with running 2 desktops?

Again, I would appreciate people stop asking me to make 2 pcs, this is the way it needs to be done, so help solve the problem instead of telling me to make 2pcs.

I agree.  Why waste the effort on a network / VM setup?

as they have said above  in the end if you just doing word and myob you dont need much power to do that and in the end it will be cheper to build 2 low end pc as you will have to spend more on buy the software you need to do vm propaly   e.g you will need vsphere i think that is the right one but thats somthing that is used on servers to better uterlize hardware you should be abile to make the pcs with the power you need for may be $400 to $500 may be but thats the beater option but if their are other resons just to have one pc then you might be looking at a bit more money for it

The glaring problem I see is getting the two keyboard/mice to register separate input signals for each instance of Windows.  Perhaps this could be done via software?  Although, I'm not sure what software could do this or if it even exists.

I'm with gigabuster on this.  I think building two separate PCs would be the best and easiest solution.  Why do your parents absolutely HAVE to have one PC?

I was looking around and found this .

I have also seen similar things done with those xi3 systems.

If this really works, that would be absolutely amazing.  And it only costs $49?

Someone is a bit of a spoiled brat " gimme two users on one comp NAOW" Like seriously dude you don't need to be an asshole about it. Just explain we can do nothing with no info. Also good call with the softxpand it looks fantastic.

Thanks, ill try that out :)

My apologies, i explained it in depth on the other forum post, before recreating it here at the suggestion of the forum users.