Help overclock old cpu?

Hey forum, I need help overclocking my old core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz. Gigabuster.exe was gonna help me but no clue what happened so I'm posting it here. Can anyone tell me how to do overclock it because couldnt find a guide anywhere. Pics of my bios and cpu mother and ram and some other junk you guys might need to help me:,KwaYwDw,1OAxoBi,VaupoD4,wvcoOeN,OwBGLfi,14Yw4pk,L89tklg,8LIUWxa  and,f3bjHDr those ahould be all the pics you need if yore gonna help me. Pre thanks to everyone who helps me overclock the old cpu. If you need any more pics or info on anything please tell me :) thanks again. 

Basically what I can give you for a rough guide is how to bus clock that CPU. But first I need to know what kind of cooling you have, what your motherboard is, and what power supply you have. I can't realistically give you any starting point without knowing those defining factors.

Psu: I think corsair 600watt, cooler is some fan I bought from my local pc store that I payed 15$ for since the stock one crapped out on me, and the fan is some unknown company I can't find specs ir anything for except ik its 120mm. Mobo is a p5kpl-cm. My specs should be in those pics somewhere becquse I remember seeing it. 

You are going to need an aftermarket cooling solution to overclock your CPU and long copper heatsinks for your 4+1 VRMs with fans pointed at them. I'm here to inform you that if you are serious about overclocking old hardware, then there is a price to pay for modding the hardware to withstand mild overclocking. Otheriwse, you will end up with a dead motherboard in about 6 months from those old linear regulators overheating. That particular motherboard, I would be surprised if you got 3.2 GHz from your CPU even after adding cooling accessories to your motherboard.

The easy thing to do is in advanced select jumper free config and use the AI overclocking setting and go from there, mabey try the preset % profiles, run a stability test, check temps and increase as desired. 

 alright @batojiri , I just need an overclock so I won't bottleneck my 650 at lowest settings for games. @trevstrem I dont know how to do that though 

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