Help on dual monitors XP :(

So someone was messing with my work desktop and screwed up my dual monitor set-up.


Instead of having a primary as 1 and then secondary as 2 it's now just one huge landscape.


Dose anyone have any suggestions on fixing this? My toolbar is split right in he middle.

If I click full screen, the window centers between the two monitors.

I do have nvidia control panel but have no clue how to separate them. 


Anything will help! THANK YOU COMMUNITY! 




  1. open the menu on the right hand side monitor  
  2. and find the screen position arrows 
  3. and arrow down till it lines up with the left

On my physical monitor menu? 


Oh .... I miss read your post. I thought you wanted the screen to be level (centered) with the other one. It looks like you should do this anyway though.

yeah ... I can see how this would be annoying.

let me get back to you after I do some research.

Okay ... 

  1. right click on your desktop 
  2. left click on screen resolution (it should bring up the the display console)
  3. forth drop box down should be 'multiple displays' ... left click show on 'show only on 1'
  4. left click apply
  5. left click  in multiple displays again and choose ... extend these displays
  6. left click apply
  7. left click OK

That should do it ... let me know if it does not and I will find someone to help out.

And update you display driver from the Nvidia website ...     \m/

When I right click on my desktop, I do not get that option.  The only place I see "change resolution" is in the nvidia control panel and I have no option to show only on 1 :(

what OS are you using?

I should have asked in the first place ... my bad.

I called in some reinforcements ... may take a while before they get on it.

haha awesome, I'm using windows XP.  It's my work desktop that has to use XP for our automation in the warehouse. 

OK I think I remember how to do it in XP ...

  1. right click on desktop
  2. choose display properties 
  3. left click the far right tab on the top (may be called display tab?) (next to appearance tab ... this should open the display console)
  4. find the drop down box for multiple monitors ( and change it to something else and click apply)
  5. now change it to ...extend these displays and click apply

Give that a try ... I am still waiting for the Calvary to show up.     lol

sorry it has been a few years since I was on XP ... more than a little rusty.   :(

I know! XP is a little old.

On the settings tab (next to Appearance) I can only change the screen resolution.

The other options are "troubleshoot..." and "Advance" 

sorry was watching the Tek and then got side tracked.  I wish one of the guys I messaged would sign on  ... these people that have 'real' lives are annoying to guys like me that don't.     lol

I will try them again ... definitely by tomorrow. 

Try updating your Nvidia drivers to the newest ... that may work.

because it completely uninstalls the drivers and then re-installs the new ones. 

If I had XP running on something here I would figure it out. 

try this ...

  1. click start button (lower left of task bar) 
  2. click control panel
  3. then the Nvidia Control Panel icon
  4. find the menu item that shows the displays
  5. find the option to show desktop on screen 1 only
  6. click apply

Get back to me & I'll get back to you ... maybe someone will remember XP.   lol

Hey Guys! Better late than never I guess. Got your message Ratzzz! Sorry I was rebuilding my rig yesterday and didnt get your email until today.

OK one thing that we know for sure is XP can not do this on its own. Nvidia calls this feature SPAN or Surround  and you will want to turn it off If i recall its in the Nvidia control panel  find "Surround ,Physx" un check the box  then use windows display options to set things back up the way you want

It is also possiable that your friend installed a third party utility to do this so poke around your programs and make sure there is nothing new added

I knew you would not let us down ... I think my organic system reallocated drive space and has written over alot of XP.       lol

Fortunatly the Hospital was running XP until about May last year so its still fairly fresh.

Any luck with this?