Help on counter strike go error problem!

Like the title says I need help if anyone  that could actually provide help to a solution to the known annoying as hell pure server file vpk error cs go gives tons of people and end up getting bans for. 



I have tried everything I could think of or find out about and no actual fix or solution. There may not be at all but I have to try before uninstalling the game for good, since neither valve or cs go devs care to try to fix it.

The reason they are getting the errors is due to them using custom modified skins or models on weapons or characters. They may have also downloaded a modified hud. All of these are actual modifications of the files that the game loads. If you are connecting to an sv_pure "1" server, it will scan all files during connection to detect if any of the files are modified, because it is meant to be a server that does not allow any sort of modifications to those settings. This can cause players to get banned if they repeatedly try to connect to an pure server over and over (usually temp). An easy fix for it is to remove all of the custom files by doing a game cache check.

On your deal with valve or hidden path doing nothing about it? That is due to it being a part of the game that was requested by players. Back in the day people would download solid red or blue skins for the character models, in order to make it to where they could see anyone anywhere without the need of "cheats." This spured up players into a frenzy as it was a way to cheat without using outside software that would be caught by things like punkbuster or VAC. sv_pure was added to cs source about a year after it came out, and has been an amazing feature ever since.

Edit: I just did some more research into the issue, and most people fixed it by getting better ram. The issue can also come from VPK corruption, due to your ram corrupting the files. It is not a coding issue at all. That is why some people without custom files are getting the errors. Verify that your ram is good by running memtest and what not. If the ram is still running ok, try swaping to different slots. If it still does not work then buy new ram. =D