!HELP! No response because of GPU?

Wipe all the nivida drivers first before installing the 650 and see if it boots ....if it dosent there is one of 3 problems the the pcie slot on the mobo is going bad the card is dieing or your psu is fulty.

Ok ill try that in a min, I figured out wich mb i have: Packerd Bell MCP73VT-PM

the card is brand new, the psu is also quite new, It will probably be the pci slot going bad


isn't it obvious? if it started making problems after software update, what could be the cause?


HAHAHA, I tried deleting the update, but I redownload it everytime I want to install the drivers I just deleted, if you could just find a older version I would be thankfull


Holy shit, a Packard Bell motherboard. Judging from that, I am certain that's your problem or part of the problem.

Packard Bell makes pretty shitty systems and cuts corners on everything. Wouldn't surprise me if the PCI slot went bad after installing the update. I've seen stuff like that happen.

WOW thats nice to hear, ill go get 230 euros A.S.A.P. for a major upgrade...