!HELP! No response because of GPU?

I have built my own gaming pc , but now after not using it for 1 week it randomly stops responding

(I think the cause is the GPU).

I am using:


Intel Pentium Dual e2200 2.20 GHz

4gb DDR2 Ram

Motherboard unknown

Nvidia gts 240

corsair cx430m


This is the case: When I start my computer everything workes fine, but after a minute of 10 the graphics card makes a lot of noise without any reason and my 2 screens go white and blue (main one goes blue and secondary one goes white), then it turns back to where I was, when its normal again I can't use anything, the mouse and keyboard don't respond no more.

This problem started when I accepted a Nvidia update for my gts 240. I have already tried deleting the update and everything from Nvidea and redownloading it (without the latest update), which still gives me this problem.


Please help me solve this problem!


PLZ respond to help me!!!


PLZ respond to help me!!!


hahaha, mortals.

hahahahahahahah. not funny, I NEED HELP OTHERWISE I'am F'ed! (not able to use it no moer)



look he's having the same problem.

His problem is differen't, mine works for a while and just stops like it freezes, his problem is that the screens wont work.

mmm , hot video card . Poor case airflow , fan going bad on video card  or the fact the you have not blown the dust out of it ever .

not knowing what motherboard you have even though you built your own computer is really gonna help. not.

Freaksmacker: I have cleaned the GPU 3 weeks ago, but I will take a look at it again, the airflow semms completly fine, hopefully its new dust otherse I have a big problem, I will als try to see if the airflow is wrong by not using one of the 2 sidepanels.



Anarkist: hahahah I know, its a reused one, still getting money for new one....

make sure the heatsink on the gpu isnt loose.


Sure, im going to bed now so I'll do it tomorrow!

The graphics card had no dust in it, the cooler was still tightly on it and now when not using one of the side panels I am having the exact same troubles... PLZ does anyone know how to solve this?


sounds dead its time for a upgrade....

Yup , end of life . If i were you i would consider getting a entirely new system . They have some decent barebones out there . That will be a whole lot more powerful .

U serious? Well that was the end to pc gaming for me.... I dont have money left, I spent it on this machine...

Well you can always replace your graphics card .

I still have a gtx 650 OC here but it is not compatible... (im going to upgrade mb to asrock 970 pro 3 R2.0 when I got the money)

The gtx 650 oc is a better card than the gts 240 you where useing.

Why is it not compatable?

When I start, it just goes through the normal cycle and then blue screens....
 (didn't ask for solution here yet though)