Help new razer keyboard black widow wont let me control c and control v or control A

Not sure why this is the case but when I uninstall the keyboard from the device manager and reboot it seems to work for a short while then stops working. any ideas???


Download razer synapse and manually set the short cuts.

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I am using synapse 2.0 and I can manually set the shortcuts to one of the M1 -5 keys but they are already set to other tasks.. I need copy and paste back ctrl c , ctrl v and ctrl a for select all. Really weird.. I am trying everything.


I know with razer mice there is a way to forcibly reset the mouse. IDK if there is something like that for the razer keyboards.

If forcibly rebooting the keyboard does not fix the problem, I would just return that board.

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right on thanks for your help!.. I will try a force reset and if that does not work will return the board.

HAHA you know what it was.. The control key was set to macro.. I saw on the razer app that the control key was highlighted.. not sure what it was macro too but I disabled the macro for it.. all fixed =) silly problem lol.

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Cool, at least its fixed.