Help needed with pop os updates & tweaks

i need some help with some things

1 . im running POP OS 22.04lts with the latest xanmod kernel on both my laptop an main tower pc
an on both iv adjusted the default.ron file for the system76 scheduler to look like this

as iv had better response for those apps an functions an for my needs of use

but on my laptop after these were updated

most all my custom priority settings were gone an no-longer stayed despite the tweaked default.ron still having them , so my question is how do i fix that an can i make a totley custom file in its place with that

work or what how do i make these changes stick so that this will stay this way

an which of those updates cause the custom settings not to stick , id like to know before i update my main pc.

  1. is a two’fer 1 can i remove the original pop kernel so it doesnt get an updates at all as im using the -x64v3-xanmod1 series xanmod as my primary , an 2

for my laptop how do i set the performance profile as the default on every boot rather then having to set it manually

I’m not entirely sure this is the answer you want but did you notice this?

i did but maybe im to noob to this but i understand the context as do it mean make a new file beside the current with a different name or replace the default with a custom an delete the original ,i dont know how an were to make an place the custom correctly.

any thoughts on the rest of my questions