Help Needed with Moving Website Hosting

Hi Everyone.

Really looking for some help with a task I've been given by my boss and im really struggling with it to be honest.

So a brief description of the issue, I started with the company im with around 4 years ago to come in and help manage a website and other parts of the business, Ive later ended up working for a different arm to the business and the website etc has been on the back burner.

The task ive been struggling with is moving the host company as the one we currently use is 1and1 internet and its costing the owner a lot in hosting charges for a website thats currently not in full use.

I currently have picked a new host provider locally, but there having a few issues with the transfer, the main issue there facing is finding the databases the website is running from, they can transfer the site no problem but they cannot find were the databases are stored.

I got a friend of mine involved to try and figure it out and ended up paying him up front to do a job that was never done, so left things a little awkward for me.

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me the heads up on anyone who might be able to help (PAID or Free) to move the data without losing anything on the server, as the other main issue is the version of linux the server is running is very outdated and has been compromised on more than one occasion.

The website in question is

Again really appreciate any help or advice.

I have no idea what CMS this is but its PHP, so inside the site you should be able to find a file the database name and password and host of the database that its connecting too.

Its PHP so it very likely that its running on MySQL. Is this a shared host (cpanel) or a VPS?

The server is a shared host package, spread over 2 accounts, and you are correct its PHP.

I will have a look through the files now to see if there is anything that corresponds to this.