Help needed - nvme to nvme & os cloning & zram issues

I need some advice i want to copy my current

pop os 22.04 lts with full disk encryption from the
original 256gb slow nvme ssd in my lenovo flex 5 2-1 to

a newer an larger SK hynix Gold P31 500GB PCIe NVMe Gen3

what i want to know is this if i pull the current drive an put it an

the respective upgrade each in a SABRENT Tool Free USB Type C Dual Docking Station for PCIe NVMe

would it have any issues in cloning from old to new an then would after the new is install have any boot issues

also on another note ive been freaking out a bit trying to understand pop os’s last update regarding zram upgrade

these are my back an forths with the pop desktop engineer

can you clarify all this to me in pc for dummies

this all might sound very noob but id like to know for sure before i comment