Help needed - going from aio to full custom water

for ref my current gear an desired gear

current old

an target finished gear

im currently prepping to go from a 120mm aio to full custom water for my old first build

iv got a 5800x on order to replace my older 2600x that has served my well but i now need more out of my older rig

an i know the 5800x getting way hotter then the 2600x which with my arctic freezer II 120mm never broke 54c under load

oc’ed at 4.3ghz in a 72deg room for the 5800x i know ill need more

an aside from my cpu iv upgraded my from a gigabyte 1660 super oc windforce x3 to a power color fighter 6700xt

an hope that ill get close to the same cooling i got with the last gpu which as you’ll see i pix this layout is what worked

best for the aio an gpu , iv got the rear an fronts as intake an the tops as exhaust an the case fans on custom bios fan

curve set to ramp as system temp rises an the aio in push an ramp as needed , in the past the aio was in the rear in pull

the only diff betwee then an now is my rear mobo heatsinks run cooler by an avg 7deg both idle/load an the gpu

idle/load is 4deg higher , if i could mod the psu shroud into a ramp for the bottom front fan to scoop/direct air flow i

would, but not sure how an what id use to do that with ?

aside from that mod im currently trying to decide what rad & rez to get as iv got limited space from both an dont want to

change layout for fans or gpu , iv got fittings , tubing , cpu block , pump an coolent so any good advice for doing this will


my current considered picks for rad & rez are with mods this

id use this 50mm version of this air duct on the rear to aide cooling the rear bridge

an move the top front 140mm closer to the rear to help fit a

in place of the current aio an rig as pull over push with a 2nd 50mm right angle duct aimed up to not have rad heat

blown across the mobo an use this rez

does this rad an rez combo seem like it could adequately cooler a 5800x possibly oc’ed to 4 to 4.3ghz to near same temps as the 120 arctic did from the 2600x

heres another view but with older gpu

I would get a 280 radiator instead. A 240 is just not quite good enough. Though, investing in a decent and quiet Noctua cooler like this could do the trick too:

BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 could also be of interest here:

Good luck!